Seven Design Tips for the Best Pull-Up Banner for Your Event

Event planning and event promotion usually utilise a pool of industry-tested tools like the pull-up banner. It's a great way to get your brand out there and noticed by anyone going by. You can use them to ensure brand consistency at your next event while exciting people at the same time. If you want to make a pull-up banner, our banner design tips can help.

1 - Incorporate Graphics

Seamless banner design requires a balanced used of graphics and typography. Centre your logo at the top of the banner to ensure it's one of the first things people see. This gives you excellent brand consistency at the same time. Your graphics can draw the person's eye, and the logo piques their interest.

2 - Make Colours Pop

One challenging aspect of banner design is the colours. How do you make it bright without being obnoxious or clashing with your logo? Use fun and bright colouring to catch attention. The goal is to draw people to your business or booth. It should stand out from whatever you hang it against. If people drive by, they only have a few seconds to see your banner.

3 - Use Straightforward Typography

The font you use on your pull-up banner should be large and clear. One crucial design principle is making it easy for your customers to read at a glance. Many people think they need cursive or elegant writing. However, this can make it difficult to read. Write on your banner as you read, and make it very clear. Try to cut your message length down to one sentence that conveys your most important points.

4 - Have Good Timing

If you have time-sensitive sales or items, make sure you order your banners far ahead of time. If they're seasonal, put them up and take them down on time. Don't leave something up for months after the fact. If your banner has a long-term message, have seasonal colour options available. Switch these out when the seasons change. The refreshed colour scheme will draw attention when people pass by.

5 - Location, Location, Location

One of the biggest components of event promotion is strategically placing your banners and signs. The goal is to find a centralised location that your customers will see as they go by or in your business. They're popular because they're cost-effective for smaller organisations to use. They give the flexibility to let you change locations relatively easy to maximise how effective they are.

6 - Pick an Aesthetic

What audience are you trying to attract or appeal to using your pull-up banner? You have to keep this targeted audience in mind throughout the design process. It's also essential that you stick to your aesthetic when you pick one. For example, a younger aesthetic might appreciate bright and bold colours with more images. An older aesthetic may prefer the opposite with a few pictures and traditional colouring.

7 - Make it Balance

The hard part of designing a banner is trying to make it look like you balanced everything very well. If you stuff the typography and images in one side, it'll look off-balance. Spread your images out, and focus your text in the middle of the pull-up banner. The goal is to draw the person's eye along your banner in a natural manner.

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Posted by: Scott


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