Picking Greeting Cards - What to Think About

If you leave your greeting card purchase to the very last moment, you run the risk of choosing a greeting card that looks more apologetic than congratulatory. It’s important you give yourself enough time to shop for the perfect birthday card or any other greeting card.

Once you have time on your side, whether you're shopping in person or buying greeting cards online and print your greeting cards, there are some other key aspects you must consider: the card's purpose, the recipient, and the card's design. Let’s discuss your purchase in a bit more detail.

Think About the Recipient

As mentioned before, do not rush through the process or pick the very first card you see on the shelves. Spend time thinking about the card’s recipient. Think about what the person’s likes are, how old they are, how they are related to you, etc.

Your grandparents may appreciate a traditional card. Your friends, however, could be expecting things a bit more unusual. If you are not sure what the person would really like, go ahead and pick a truly unique card. Unique cards, such as custom greeting cards, will appeal to pretty much everyone.

Custom Greeting Cards

If you’d like to steer clear of store-purchased, generic greeting cards, go for personalised greeting cards. "How to make these greeting cards?" you may ask. It's pretty easy. Online customisation, is the easiest and quickest way.

Even if you are a complete design newbie, the different card templates and graphics editing software that online printing companies provide will simplify things. If you’re not particularly sure about how to customise your card, think about cards that you may have received or seen before. Incorporate their design elements into your card.

Choose the Correct Theme

Choose a theme that is in line with the occasion or event you’d like to commemorate, as well as the person’s personality. If the card is for your kid, make sure the theme is fun, colourful, and bright. The canvas should be invariably white or light so that the colours atop pop out. If it’s for your spouse, you could go a bit intimate and employ darker themes and hues. Funny greeting cards may work with your spouse if you'd like to bring a smile on their face.

Knowing the theme beforehand would help you choose the kind of text and graphics for the card too. Without a theme in mind, you could feel overwhelmed by the graphics options. Also, you need not stick with the themes the printing company offers. If you’re looking for something more unique, look up public domain images on the Internet and put them to use.

Get the Message Right

If you want the card to express a certain emotion but you are not someone who likes scribbling on greeting cards, make sure you look for a card that says it all. The verses and messages that come printed on these cards are usually a result of the hours of thought and research put in by a team. You are, therefore, most likely to find lines that fit your situation. If you’d like to customise the message, you can always do that.

Print Greeting Cards - Focus on the Print Quality

Since the discussion here is primarily about how to customise and print greeting cards online, it’s crucial that you get the final result right. To make the card's text and graphics look crisp, set the dimensions to 300 DPI (dots per inch). DPI denotes the pixel dimensions of the digital picture divided by the paper's size.

Also, set the colour mode to CMYK, and not RGB. CMYK encompasses a wider colour range and is standard in the printing industry. The mode ensures colours get transferred accurately from a digital screen to paper.

Some Extra Points

Look for any extras your online printing company offers. For instance, a UV coating could make an otherwise basic card look shiny and eye-popping. If you want a rich feel and look to the card, choose matte coating.

To learn more about getting the best print quality possible for your greetings card or other projects, get in touch with our team today.

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Posted by: Scott


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