Top Eight Tips: Design Rules to Create Business Cards

Business cards should be an essential part of your networking and marketing strategy. The trick is to create memorable and professional designs that represent your brand. To tell your brand story, you should follow our list of design principles below.

1 - Be Consistent Across Your Materials

When it comes to your marketing materials, consistency is vital. Your colours and logo should be the same on your business cards as it is on any other promotional items you have. If you already have a logo, add it. Keep your typography neat, clean and clear as well. You want anyone you give it to to be able to know, at a glance, what your business offers.

2 - Incorporate Basic Design Principles

There are basic design principles your business card should follow to get a professional look. These design principles outline the shape and size of your business card. To start, plan your business card, so your typography is at least five millimetres from the edge. Typography should also be as small as possible while staying legible. You'll get the clearest image working at 300dpi.

3 - Stay Simple and Sleek

No matter your business, you don't want a cluttered business card. Instead, it should be simple and sleek. It creates an elegant look. Additionally, it helps your essential details stand out in sharp contrast. If there are several graphics or lines of text, it's easy to lose sight of what is and what isn't important.

4 - Limit Your Colours

Yes, colours can draw attention. However, you don't have a lot of space to work with on your business card. At the very most, you should limit yourself to three or four colours. Ideally, it should be two or three. You can offset your text with a dark background and white text or vice versa. Pull your colours straight from your logo to ensure brand consistency.

5 - Consider Special Finishes

One quick way to elevate your business card's look is to add a special finish. Spot-UV all add a sophisticated and eye-catching element to your card. It's more expensive, so you have to keep this in mind. Since different printers have different capabilities when it comes to select finishes, keep this in mind.

6 - Text Orientation

Along with using smaller type, your orientation for your text is essential. Ideally, you want left-aligned text. This is where the eye naturally travels. If you put your text into the centre of your business card, it can look cluttered very quickly. Avoid mixing and matching fonts or sizes. You want it all clear and clean.

7 - Use Non-Traditional Materials

If you make your business card out of non-traditional materials or make it useful, this can make it memorable. Examples of useful business cards include a holder for your phone or a hair clip holder.

8 - Double Check Everything

This one seems like a no-brainer, but many people skip it. Nothing is worse than getting your business card back and finding typos, incorrect information or mismatched colours. Take time to double and triple-check everything before you send it off. Ask someone else to double-check it for you as well.

Contact Us For Business Cards Today! If you're ready to design the perfect business card that tells your brand story, get in touch. We're happy to help turn your ideas into a sleek and fun business card today !

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Posted by: Scott


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