A New Year for New Business Opportunities

A new year is for new beginnings.

It may seem a cliché, but the New Year is the perfect time to make and fulfil the list of your best intentions for the year. This not only includes making the necessary lifestyle changes for a healthier, better you, but also working on new business resolutions. And, although the first month of the year is almost over, you can keep working on your plans to grow your enterprise for 2020.

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To get you started on your new year business resolutions, here are a couple to drive your inspiration:

1. Work on revitalising your brand

Just like anything, brands can lose their sparkle and go stale over the years. So, take a long, hard look at your brand and see whether it is no longer in tune with the times and perhaps needs updating to stay relevant. Of course, it’s different if you've built your brand on a foundation of nostalgia and retro, but, if not, better make a change.

Go over your different brand elements, including your logo, the fonts you use, colours and perhaps even your tagline. If you've expanded your service offerings from limousine and luxury car hires to include private plane charters, a tagline that says “take us with you on the road” hardly encompasses all that you offer.

Planning for these changes includes gradually letting your audience know or giving clues of upcoming changes, so make sure you have a corresponding marketing campaign for the same. You also need to allocate a budget for these changes as everything – from your signage, office stationery, business cards to your website and corporate social media accounts – should reflect the changes.

Who knows? Refreshing your brand may be just what you need so your small business has the opportunities it needs.

Where The Trade Buys Print can assist in bringing your brand to life with our business cards selection.

2. Use online and offline marketing

Above-the-line marketing has been traditionally expensive, which is why companies and marketers readily embraced the cost-effective alternative that is social media marketing. However, not all brand messages are appropriate for social media posting and sharing. There are certain campaigns that require both online and offline exposure. You should be conscious of the fact that print can create very profitable clients.

For example, if you are tapping into your database of loyal customers, personalised communication is a more effective tool. You can launch a postcard campaign to reach out to your consumers and encourage them to take advantage of new offers, deals and referral discounts. Of course, you can use social media to announce these things, but in order to reach out to your loyal customers effectively and personalise their experience, branded printed material and snail mail are the way to go.

If you have a major product launch, distributing flyers is a must, as you can’t depend on social sharing to generate the results you want. Format flyers as invitations to the launch to make them more attractive. Getting a couple of warm leads from your flyer distribution may be the key to your next market opportunity, too.

3. Tap into personal networking opportunities

Instead of relying on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to connect with like-minded people, making it one of your business resolutions to attend trade shows, workshops, exhibits and other business functions. These are excellent networking opportunities to not only meet industry insiders but also expand your network of suppliers, as well as staying updated on relevant technological trends and innovation. Meeting with and learning from other business owners can also help expand your vision and business opportunities.

If you are participating as an exhibitor, for example, ensure your brand is professionally presented through the use of branded exhibition stands, banners and other corporate signage. You can also make use of interactive technology or videos to give your audience a glimpse of how you produce your products or conduct your business.

The possibilities are endless.

All you need is a bit of creativity, research, lots of planning, self-monitoring and the commitment to follow through on this opportunity to grow your business.

Start by partnering up with a reliable online commercial printer as you implement these three resolutions, and you're good to go.

Are you keen to learn more about our design services? And how Where the Trade Buys Print can help you achieve your New Years Business Resolutions, you can learn more here.

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Posted by: Scott


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