A Guide to Make a Seating Plan for a Wedding

When you're trying to plan a wedding, coming up with a seating plan can be daunting. How do you decide who sits where? What's the best way to accommodate everyone? It can be tempting to go without a plan at all, but if you're hosting a formal wedding with lots of guests, you'll definitely want one.

The benefits of a set seating arrangement? Your guests won't have to decide where to sit, there'll be way less chaos when trying to get everyone settled, and it also encourages guests to mingle, avoiding the small cliques of attendees sticking together throughout the day. Here are some helpful tips and methods on how to develop a seating plan for your wedding!

1. Choosing Your Tables

Once your wedding guest list is finalised, you should have a general idea of how many guests will be in attendance. Using this estimate, you can start figuring out how many tables you need, and what kind of tables you want. Choosing the right table is crucial to making the most out of your venue. It's important to figure out how many tables can fit in the venue, how many guests can fit at each table, and then how many tables you'll need.

This is when the shape of the table becomes relevant. Circular tables are a little more aesthetically pleasing, but rectangular tables bring guests closer together, creating more opportunities for mingling.

2. Identify YOUR Seats First

This is YOUR big day, and you should make sure you and your partner are seated where you'll be comfortable and accessible to all of your guests. The newlyweds are typically seated with any combination of parents, close friends, and relatives, but you can also opt to have a "sweetheart table" reserved for you and your new spouse if you'd rather sit by yourselves.

3. Friends, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen

Have your friends and their potential dates seated nice and close to you! Close friends, especially those that serve as bridesmaids and groomsmen, tend to play a special role in weddings. Be sure to surround yourself by those who made your day extra special.

4. How About Parents?

Traditionally, parents, grandparents, and siblings from both families share a table (or two). However, it's your wedding, and you need a seating plan that works for you. While the traditional arrangement can be a great chance for the two families to interact and enjoy the event together, you can always seat those closest to you across two different tables. This allows you the opportunity to separate any fighting parents or bickering siblings without offending them.

Are you inviting your parents' friends? If so, you should consult with your parents on how to seat them. Who knows what kind of drama they and their friends could be wrapped up in?

5. Seating Additional Guests?

With your seating plan for your close friends and family done, you can begin sorting your other guests by categorising them into different groups. For instance, your workmates, high school friends, university friends, and so on. You want to make sure everyone feels comfortable at their tables and have things in common to talk about.

Thankfully, there's a a relatively simple way of ensuring guests know exactly where they're sitting. Investing in some printed name cards adds a sophisticated touch to any wedding. They're attractive, efficient, and affordable when you order them all together!

6. Establishing a Kids' Table

Are there going to be a lot of kids at your wedding? Having one or two kids tables means your guests can socialise with each other, while still being able to bring along their children. Come up with a plan of kids' activities at their tables to keep them entertained. However, be sure to keep them seated relatively close to their parents or guardians so that they don't feel anxious or overwhelmed.

The Bottom Line?

Developing a seating plan for your wedding can be overwhelming, but once you take advantage of these tips, it becomes far easier to create a seating chart that accommodates everyone.

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Posted by: Scott


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